08 July 2020

A Long Blog

Blogger now gives you the option of downloading your entire blog into a word format document including all html code not visible to an outside reader. It does so at a default 10 point font. 

The Wash Park Prophet blog alone fills 11,313 pages and takes 5,327,404 words as of this morning. The average post takes about one and a half pages in printed out downloaded form. This is about the length of 34 paperback novels.

The Dispatches From Turtle Island blog fills 6,124 pages and takes 2,923,869 words as of this afternoon. This is about the length of 18 paperback novels.

Combined, there are 17,437 pages and 8,251,273 words between the two blogs. This is about the length of 52 paperback novels.


Guy said...

Holy shit,

That's pretty impressive. I'll open a bottle and toast to another 52 novels.


andrew said...


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