25 May 2006

1503 Posts

Usually I catch each 100th post and reflect. I wasn't paying attention today, and missed number 1500. This blog is almost eleven months old now.

My efforts to profile every neighborhood in Denver has stalled for the moment, although I will return to it as I am moved to do so.

When I get some gumption, free time and a shortage of creativity, I'd like to do a health science index post.

The downside of live blogging is that without a copy editor, mistakes will be made, but I'm not bothered to go back and correct the state convention posts at this time.

Traffic is up to near record highs.

I was pleased with my "Against Home Ownership" post this week and think that I will do more extended analysis posts along these lines.

As always, comments are welcome. I'm particularly interested in blogs to add to the lists on my blogroll that I frequently scan. LeftyBlogs covers most of the Colorado liberal blogs, but I'd be interested in finding more eurdite, nationally oriented blogs, either domestic or international/national security in orientation, that don't simply repeat the information covered by my usual suspects.

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