09 May 2006

The Wash Park Coffee Market

According to this source, there are 41 independent cafes and 45 Starbucks locations within 5 miles of my zip code, which is 80209. Go to the site to get the full details on each of locations. The names of the independents in my neighborhood are (with repeat mentions of the same name indicating multiple locations and location's I've tried in bold):

Wash Park Perk and Pub

Cafe Europa
Kaladi Brothers
Kaladi Brothers Coffee
Metropolis Coffee
there coffee bar & lounge
Gypsy House Cafe
Oh! My Goddess
Oh! My Goddess
SML Coffee
Cafe Metro
Pablo's on 6th
Penn St. Perk
Fluid Coffee Bar
Cafe @ Netherworld
St. Mark's Coffeehouse
Hooked on Colfax
Dazbog Coffee Lic Store #7
Perk Hill Coffee
Park Hill Perk
Monkey Bean Coffee & Bistro
Monkey Bean
Urban Roadhouse
Common Grounds
Tuscany Coffee
The Market
Mile High Coffee (not to be confused with the Mile High Coffee Blog)
Pat's Philly Steaks & Subs
Taza de Cafe
Gallup Coffee
cafe cafe
Common Grounds
Cafe Cafe

The 96 locations sounds like a lot (and there are definitely some missing, such as Avianos, Scooter Joe's, and Daphne's Deli, and essentially all of the drive through expresso kiosks in town), until you consider that a five mile radius of my zip code includes the vast majority of the population of the City and County of Denver, a city of about half a million people, and some people in the surrounding suburbs.

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