30 May 2006

Posting Etiquette

Blogger allows you to comment anonymously and I have no problem with anonymous comments. I've always quibbled with the part of identity politics that says that a statement mean nothing if you don't know its author of a statement.

But, a recent post (Against Housing) in which there was more than one person commenting under the anonymous tag illustrates how hard it is to keep a dialog straight when different voices can't be separated out and are having a conversation with each other as well as me. As a result, it would be helpful if anonymous commenters would sign their comments with a tagline (snarky if fine, "Disgruntled" or "Progressive Idealist" would both be perfectly acceptable, for example).

To be clear, I don't expect your tagline to be consistent from post to post, and don't expect you to provide any identifying information, but I would appreciate your cooperation in keeping comment discussions clear.

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Anonymous said...

Good idea!