22 May 2006

Never Complain About Your Water And Sewer Bill

You pay your water and sewer bill so that you don't experience this:

Angola's cholera epidemic appears to have reached a deadly plateau . . . . the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday put the death toll since mid-February at 1,230 out of a total of 34,418 cases, with 588 new cases and 10 deaths reported in the last 24 hours alone. . . .

Health workers said heavy rains had left large, stagnant puddles dotted across Angola's many slums, increasing the danger of a disease which spreads primarily through overcrowding and poor hygiene.

Similar outbreaks used to be common in the United States, particularly in places like New Orleans. Even earlier, waves of cholera frequently struck London. Now, they don't. You water and sewer bill is what makes the difference.

Hat Tip to Anne Zook.

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