28 May 2006

Java Guru

Perhaps your life is in the balance across I-25 at the Douglas County Justice Center. Perhaps you have just been down the street shopping at Wal-Mart and feel dirty. Perhaps you have dropped the kids off at soccer practice at the nearby recreation center, which is still trying to establish its grass (it does have a higher end modern playground for those with little ones) and are wondering how you ever ended up turning into a soccer mom. Perhaps you simply have the mixed fortune to live in Castle Rock, Colorado, a county seat known for its outlet malls, its burgeoning bedroom communities, its faux historic downtown, and its absence of poor people.

There are any number of reasons that you might end up burdened with existential angst in the vicinity of Java Guru which is located at the end of a spiffy new strip mall at 4284 Trail Boss Road #100. Entering its doors (after 6 a.m. every morning, and before 8 p.m. M-R, 11 p.m. F-Sa, and 4 p.m. Sunday), offers an opportunity to relieve this strain. While first appearances may lead you to believe that Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn have a new competitor, the spacious venue is in fact a coffee house that also offers alcoholically enhanced coffees, cocktails (not cheap), a small selection of beers (Bud on tap for the truly downtrodden, Guinness for the more existentially affected), and a modest wine list. They also have provide an eclectic selection of food offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner -- will it be the grilled cheese sandwich or the caviar?

Agents take note that they also book live entertainment every week.

And, about the existential angst? When in doubt, ask the Guru.

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