17 July 2006

Blogger News Rant

Before you make a new post with the blogger software you see a screen known as the "dashboard" that allows you to choose which of your several blogs to post in. Below it is a part of the screen entitled blogger news. Today, on in the middle of July in 2006 is read as follows:

Blogger News
The Buzz

Looking for news about Blogger? Check out Blogger Buzz!

– Eric [2/01/2006 10:38:00 AM]

Maintenance on Monday, November 14

We are planning a two hour outage this evening from 9p to 11p (PST). This is to complete the network maintenance we've been performing over the last several weeks.

Update: Completed.

– Jason G. [11/14/2005 10:27:00 AM]

Maintenance on Saturday

We will be upgrading our network access this weekend which will require downtime for both Blogger and Blog*Spot. The outage will occur at noon (PST) on Saturday and last for 2 hours. Thanks for your patience during this maintenance window.

Update: Completed.

– Jason G. [11/01/2005 04:48:00 PM]

I know that the folks over in blogger land are strapped, but would it kill them to take a minute to either keep their news feature updated, or to ditch it all together?

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Off Colfax said...

Not to mention the unplanned difficulties when Blogger Dashboard tries to eat your template.

It gets even worse when it has a screen asking for more barbeque sauce.