20 July 2006

Bob Beauprez, Part Time Prophet.

While my site is called Wash Park Prophet, because it is focused on the future, I don't claims to have insider information on our fate, just sensible guesses based on facts. Honestly, I think my lack of reliance on infallible sources may even enhance this site's credibility. Bob Beauprez apparently doesn't agree. He thinks his legislative agenda is divinely inspired:

The Senate last month rejected -- emphatically -- a constitutional amendment that would allow Congress to ban same-sex marriage, so there was zero chance the amendment could be approved this year. But members of the House were answering to a Higher Authority. . . .

Rep. Bob Beauprez (R- Colo.) . . . found "the very hand of God" at work. "We best not be messing with His plan."

Apparently God isn't into standard English grammar either.

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