10 July 2006

Georgia Voter ID Law Struck Down Again

Colorado's General Assembly rejected in the current special session a voter ID law modeled on that of Georgia suggested by Governor Owens. It looks like the decision was a wise one.

Georgia recently passed a law mandating photo IDs for elections, which was struck down as an unconstitutional poll tax by the Court. A new law was passed making voter ID free. Now, the law has been struck down again, at least for the July 18, 2006 primary election in Georgia in a new court challenge, and the Georgia Supreme Court is considering an appeal of the decision.

Parallel legislation challenging the revised law is also pending in federal court.

Notably, this is a case where the staff attorneys at the Justice Department had opposed the requirement as not meeting the standards of the voter's rights acts, but were overturned by Bush Administration political officials in their determination.

Hat Tip to Daily Kos Diarist a gnostic.

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