13 July 2006

Selected American War Criminals

Some key players in making the illegal American torture policy happen were:

* 4th Circuit Court of Appeals nominee and Pentagon General Counsel William J. Haynes II
* Former CIA Director George Tenet
* University of California at Berkeley law school professor John Yoo
* U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Jay Bybee
* Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
* Air Force General Counsel Mary Walker
* Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
* Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John G. Roberts, Jr.
* Colorado Senator Wayne Allard (pro-torture caucus member)
* U.S. Representative from Colorado Marilyn Musgrave (pro-torture caucus member)

These prominent men and women are among the modern day American war criminals created by the Bush Administration.

One of the good guys who fought the illegal policy was:

* Alberto Mora, former general counsel of the U.S. Navy
* Senator John McCain, who sponsored anti-torture legislation

In the mixed bag department is:

* South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham

He blew the cover on a Pentagon cover up of the torture policy, but has also supported legislation that enables similar misdeeds.

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