06 July 2006

Republican Legislators Can't Read

Governor Owens called a special session. He did so in a "call" that narrowly defined the subject of the special session. Republican legislators, however, apparently, can't read, and thus are proposing all sorts of legislation which is out of order in the special session. For example:

Bail bonds Prohibits a bail bonding agent from posting bail for a defendant known to be illegally present in the United States Sen. Dave Owen R-Greeley

Law enforcement Establishes closer cooperation between state/local law enforcement and federal authorities in enforcing immigration laws Sen. Ed Jones R-Colorado Springs

Unions. Requires labor organizations to verify legal immigrant/citizen status of members before collecting dues Sen. Greg Brophy R-Wray

Congress Senate Joint Memorial calling on Congress to address automatic citizenship status for those born in the U.S. Sen. Ron Teck R-Grand Junction

Expect those bills to die a swift death.

You'd think that Republicans would be capable of communicating with the nominal leader of their party, Governor Owens, so they could get their pet issues on the agenda, but apparently, they can't.

Of course, the call itself is pretty sloppy. For example, one agenda item was a call to pass legislation:

Concerning a statutory measure requiring a six percent withholding tax on compensation paid to an employee whose compensation is reported on a Form 1099 where that employee has failed to provide a valid taxpayer identification number.

What is wrong with this one? The state tax rate in Colorado 4.63%, not the 6% that applies in Georgia, and as a matter of law, no employee gets a Form 1099, they get a Form W-2, so the proposed measure would apply to no one.

I also don't recall an urgent call for "a statutory measure to criminalize involuntary servitude", the federal government already enforces the federal criminal law on this point at federal expense, but what they heck, it's on the Governor's call and Democrats certainly believe in the 13th Amendment, so Rep. Alice Borodkin (D-Denver) will carry a bill to do just that. She might even get those Republicans who aren't endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan to vote for it.

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