04 May 2016

Bainbridge on Choice of Evils

Trump versus Clinton 
With the election no more or less settled (pace Bernie), many of you may be asking yourselves: How do I choose between two evils? So I've made a short list of your options: 
1. Pick the lesser of the two evils. A.k.a. the Bainbridge option. 
2. Pick the greater of the two. A.k.a. the Cthulhu option. 
3. Pick the one you haven't tried before. A.k.a. the Mae West option. 
4. Reprogram the simulation so it is possible to rescue the ship. A.k.a. the Kirk option.
From Professor Bainbridge.

Alas, we have no programmers capable of option 4, so we'll have to make due with options 1, 2 or 3.

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