03 May 2016

What Motivated The Bagel Terrorist?

A popular Five Points bagel shop that opened in 2014 was destroyed in a fire that started in a second floor apartment where a body was found in a closet.

What exactly happened and why remains unclear.  Was the person killed first and then put in a closet? Cowering from invaders who set the place on fire while the person succumbed before he or she could escape?  Was the person on drugs or lost in the confusion trying to get out an failing? Did the bagel shop have anything to do with it, or it was it aimed at the upstairs tenant?


andrew said...

The victim was a 29 year old man, name Shane Richardson. "Denver police are still searching for two vehicles in connection with their investigation. Authorities say a 1997 Subaru Outback with Colorado license plates 859ZID and a 2012 Ducati motorcycle with Colorado license plates QTO128 are part of their probe."


Given the plates, the police probably already know who owns the vehicles. The coroner did not say if Richardson died in the fire or was already dead at the time.

andrew said...

The fire started at 2:30 a.m.

andrew said...

The victim was shot. It looks like this was a simple murder directed at the tenant in the above the shop apartment, with the fire started to cover up the evidence of the murder and had nothing to do with the bagel shop below the apartment which was damages in any case by the fire.