27 October 2019

Interesting Possible Government Jobs

What sort of positions might it be good to have in government?

* Consumer Advocate

* Ombudsman

* State Auditor/State Accountability Officer

* State Medical Examiner

* Election Commissioner

* State Budget Officer

* Guardian of the Constitution with the veto power, the pardon power, the power to make judicial appointments, the power to bring suits regarding constitutionality where no one else has standing, to argue as amicus solicitor general on behalf of the state, to issue official interpretations of laws and regulations that are binding on the state in the absence of contrary court rulings, and the power to bring judicial ethics and government employee ethics charges.

* Independent counsel.

* State Poet

* State Champion (an athlete)

* A Board of Regulators to review and approve government regulations.

* Vice Commission

* Disabilities Advocate

* Elder Advocate

* Mental Health Advocate

* Environmental Advocate/Lorax

* Chief Architect

* Voter Registration Advocate

* Worker's Representative

* People's Attorney (who brings criminal and civil enforcement actions in the name of the people and supervises charities) v. State's Attorney (who represents the state as an entity in litigation).

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