31 October 2019

About Facebook

One of the main reasons that I blog moderately less than I used to is that I post much more than I used to one Facebook, where I post a lot, maybe 300+ times a month.

Facebook is a medium with a bigger audience (1800+ friends), favors very short posts such as one or two sentence comments on links, is very "in the moment", and is bad for reviewing on an archive basis. It is good for documenting lots of isolated instances and examples of larger issues. It is more focused on an audience in Colorado. It also reaches more close personal friends and family, The different nature of the medium means that the kind of material that I post on Facebook is very different from what I blog about, in character, if not always in substance.

For the most part I'm (unsurprisingly) pretty much of a Social Justice Warrior.

What do I post on Facebook about? (Some posts fall in more than one category).

* Examples of bad cops.
* Examples of failures of the criminal justice system.
* Examples of injustice related to immigration.
* Examples of corrupt or abhorrent actions by politicians.
* Examples of inaccurate media reporting.
* Examples of troubling conduct in the name of religion.
* Examples of harm caused by firearms.
* Examples of blatant racism and anti-racist action.
* Examples of blatant homophobia and LGBTQ friendly action.
* Examples of blatant sexism and anti-sexist action.
* Examples of anti-scientific and conspiracy theory thinking.
* Examples of why we shouldn't treat Saudi Arabia as a friend.
* Examples of the failures of our healthcare system and possible solutions.
* Examples of poverty and homelessness as well as measures to abate those problems.
* Examples of problems with gross economic inequality.
* Links about reproductive rights and birth control.
* Urban planning and development stories.
* Public transit stories (especially local ones).
* Promotions of public health and safety, especially vaccinations, new cures and suicide prevention.
* Analysis of the consequences of good and bad policies.
* Interesting new inventions, technologies and scientific discoveries.
* Inspiring quotes and aphorisms.
* Examples of heroism by ordinary people.
* Notable stories about local weather and climate more generally.
* Big international news stories of types that often get little U.S. coverage.
* Cat videos and pictures.
* Birthday wishes for others.
* Rants about everyday life annoyances and triumphs.
* Intriguing food.
* Home team sports triumphs and disappointments.
* Funny and sweet stuff.
* Notable books, movies, TV shows and comics.
* Endorsements of and opposition to issues and candidates that I vote on.
* Analysis of flaws in our political system and possible solutions.
* Pieces about changes in culture, political identity and changing views of religion.
* Missing persons alerts likely to be present in Colorado or near someplace I have many friends.

I also comment about posts from friends that are blatantly and provably false and spread as if they were true.


neo said...

* Cat videos and pictures.


andrew said...

Cats rules the Internet! Dogs are for soup.