07 September 2005

Bush Anti-Terrorism Advisor Has No Clue.

A first hand account of a speech at an anti-terrorism conference given by Juan Zarate, the Deputy National Security Advisor for terrorism in the Bush Administration, strongly suggests that the man is absolutely clueless when it comes to what terrorism is about or how to address it. I just thought that you might want to know. Have a nice evening.

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Kyle said...

So I didn't know much about Daily Kos, and decided to watch Zarate's speech to see what I thought of it.

I failed. The putrid sea of cheap propaganda he spews is so factless, so puerile and so lacking in any interesting idea that I found my mind wandering off to real problems that affect my life - like the threat terrorists pose, for instance. I certainly don't think he really discusses it. I can't really say I finished the whole thing; it was like trying to drink the water that's left after you've boiled rice.

I think there it would be interesting to analyze many of the statements he makes, to try and figure out how anyone could make them. For instance, he claims the war on terror has eliminated the market for black market WMD's - and yes, he says "double-you emm dees". It would be interesting to see how many times he uses buzz phrases like "moral bankrupt" and "strenth of ideals."

However, at least at midnight on sunday, those are tasks I'm not up to.

Thanks for the heads up on this one.