29 September 2005

The Soccer Generation

Far more children and young adults play soccer than American football in the United States. Soccer in the United States has for almost a decade had a fairly thoughtfully designed league known as Major League Soccer. The Colorado Rapids is the local franchise and dates to 1996. Until now, it had played at the 76,125 seat Invesco Field at Mile High (and its predecessor Mile High Stadium), which while large enough for all the fans, hurt the franchise's morale as games were almost always played to mostly empty bleachers (except for the annual 4th of July game). Average attendance at home games is 16,262. Now, the team has broken ground on a new stadium in Commerce City (as yet unnnamed) which will have an 18,000 seat capacity. This should allow the team to come into its own in a change that reflects the changing culture of the nation. All we need now are soccer hooligans. :)

Perhaps in a decade or two, the Denver Broncos and the Colorado Rapids can simply trade stadiums as their attendance numbers reverse. Hey, I can dream, can't I?.

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