28 September 2005

Focus On T. Rex's Guide To Life.

Vesta Vespa pointed me in the direction of T. Rex's Guide to Life (a blog, not a highway construction project). Two points hit nerves and bear mention.

First: Americans are going to places like India, Thailand and Singapore to avoid long delays (like 6 months) and high prices ($35,000+) for high quality, quick surgery. The post has more. Historically, this has been a niche filled by American providers like Mayo Clinic. To see Americans leave the U.S. for this kind of care goes to one of the core arguments that has been advanced against universal health care.

Second: T-Rex notes that the recent chimp-human genome comparison did not just show that we have 96% of our genes in common. It also made some numerical predictions based on existing theories of mutation and saw them confirmed. When is the last time you saw any numerical predictions come out of Intelligent Design theory?

Vesta Vespa, meanwhile, has some worthwhile things to say about Greek drunkenness at CU over at SoapBlox.

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Kyle said...

Hmm, that information confirms what I've thought for a while; our country has worked hard to protect high pay jobs like the medical and legal professions from worldwide competition, but we can't protect them forever.

A glut of well (even if not quite as well as here in the US) trained doctors coming from India and China could bring new meaning to the phrase outsourcing.