26 September 2005

Teaching Stupidity.

I'm not sure which is worse: The child abusing parents who send their children on tours designed to promote science illiteracy, or the religious nutcases who offer them? Yes, this is real. I know people who've encounted the tours in Denver. Religion can have some virtues. This is not one of them.

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Cassie Schoon said...

Gah, I saw that in the Post. I also heard this morning on NPR about how in Pennsylvania, the bio classes actually have a school official come in and read a statement about how evolution is a theory, not a fact, and that there are gaps in the theory that can be explained by Intelligent Design.

Oh, yeah, that makes a lot of scientific sense. There are gaps in this theory, but instead of encouraging your young minds to explore these questions, we'll just tell you to think in terms of magic.

Criminy, this is why China is going to eat us alive in the next century . . .