25 September 2005

A High Profile Divorce.

Rene Zellweger made the cover of at least four different supermarket magazines this week, at least a couple of which claimed that they had the "exclusive" story, after ending a four month old marriage. Is this healthy? She, of course, had asked the media not to shine its glare to harshly on the stories, which, of course, produced the most intense and salicious coverage possible. (One laggard still had Britney Spears a few days before she gave birth to a son).

Why do people care so much? Hollywood star gets divorced. That's news? Sure, it helps that she was a relatively big star, and it was a very short marriage, even by Hollywood standards, but is there nothing else to report on in this nation? Is this really what the large majority of the grocery buying public (which includes just about every household in America the last time I checked) needs to know? Apparently so.

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