15 September 2005

Useless Technology

Maybe engineers feel pressure to jazz things up for the 21st century, but occassionally they come up with really useless gadets. My car was broken into a few weeks ago and the stereo stolen. The replacement has just such as useless gadget. It has a remote control.

I used to just reach out my arm and change the channels. This always worked fine. I can still do that if I want to. But, if the effort is too great, I can use the remote control instead. I suppose it could be used to allow my four year old to change the channels from the backseat, or during a once a year tailgate party. But really, by the time I decide that I need to do either of those things, I'll have lost the unit or seen its battery exhausted from lack of use. And, who in their right mind would give their teenager in the backseat such a device?

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