28 September 2005

Homeland Security Gone Nuts.

The Department of Homeland Security stopped a nun, for months, repeatedly, every time she tried to fly. The person whose name was flagging her was a man. Her attempts to get off the list were an abject failure for many months, until a Cardinal personally appealed to Karl Rove on her behalf.

If the Department of Homeland Security can't get people off the list, and can't tell the difference between a man and a woman, the list can't be very effective at keeping people who shouldn't be on airlines off them either. Also, why does it take three hours to figure she's safe to fly? A full body search takes maybe ten minutes. She's obviously not an Amazon warrior. If there's a warrant out for her arrest then can catch her when she lands.

The results, however, are predictable in an administration that cares only about people who have political connections.

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