20 September 2005

Gads! Who needs the Onion?

The headline just can't be real, but it is, in fact, real.

FEMA Sends Trucks Full Of Ice For Katrina Victims To Maine.

City officials say they have no idea why the trucks are here, only that the city has been asked to help out with traffic problems. But the truck drivers NEWSCENTER spoke to said they went all the way down to the gulf coast with the ice --stayed for a few days -- and then were told by FEMA they needed to drive to Maine to store it.

The truck drivers, who are from all over the country, tell us they were subcontracted by FEMA. They started arriving over the weekend, and city spokesperson Peter Dewitt says as many as 200 trucks could come to the city by the end of the week. . . .

No one NEWSCENTER talked to has any idea when, or even if the ice will go back to the gulf coast.

God isn't the only one who works in mysterious ways.

(Confirmation here, and here ("The ice cost 26 cents a pound, bringing the total to 44 million dollars to buy the ice. The Army Corps of Engineers is in charge of this project and does not have an estimate of how much it will cost to transport all this ice, but the public information officer says they will hold on to it and store it here in Maine at least until the end of the hurricane season. Truck drivers coming into town Tuesday were told it will be about three days until they can unload their truck, as only four trucks can unload at a time. While they wait they are being paid 800 dollars a day."). All via Fark. A national angle on "Icegate" is here.)

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