18 November 2005

602 Posts

I wasn't paying attention this morning and missed the usual 100 post update, but better late than never. As you can probably tell, I'm back at the more than full time job of being a private practice attorney and thus am posting less often.

It is remarkable how many procedures even a tiny law office can develop. How do you run the coffee machines? There are dozens of things to do when shutting down the office in the evening that you never even think about once you've learned how to do them. The list goes on.

But, the good part of this is that it provides a constant stream of real world fresh input. Most writing is basically a garbage in, garbage out function. You think about what you are exposed to, your every day experiences are a powerful muse. Sitting in an office reactly pretty much exclusively to the internet itself has limits. So, we'll see where we end up in another 98 posts.

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