25 November 2005

Thank Yous To Google and Blogger and Others

This site would not be possible without Blogger, which makes its computer resources available for free to host it (while still retaining for profit status, I might add). It also provides a significant share of the traffic through its random next blog function. Google is the other single biggest source of traffic at this site, providing 12.7% of the traffic on this site and viewers who are typically actually interested in what they find here. This site was also today, ranked first in the world for the search term "religion rant". So, that deserves its own thank you.

I also thank the couple of dozen blogs and websites that have linked to this site (you know who you are), and my hearty core group of regularly readers (I know who many of you are) and regular commenters (even the conservative one from the left coast).

I thank my dad for providing the laptop from which most of the posts on this blog are made as an early birthday present this year, particularly considering that he isn't nearly as big of a Democratic party donor as Jared Polis, who provided Talk Left with her laptop. And my wife, for starting to learn to tolerate my blogging habit.

And, finally, I thank the blogs, nonprofits and mainstream media sources to whom I link, without which this site would not be possible (as well as the fair use privilege in the copyright laws, which is central to the existence of this site).

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