30 November 2005

Republican Criminals.

If you are like me, you have a hard time keeping track of all of the leading Republicans who are facing or have been convicted of criminal charges or serious scandal. Fortunately, there is a Scorecard to help you keep track.

The list is incomplete, of course. But comments to the post help us out:


Former Congressman Bill Janklow(R-SD) Convicted and jailed for killing a man with his car after blowing through a stopsign at a high rate of speed.


John Rowland(R-CT)Convicted and jailed for graft, had work done on his house and some other bribe related charges.

George Ryan(R-IL) Under indictment for hiring practices.(I notice you had Blagojevich--this one must have slipped your mind)

Jim McGreevy(D-NJ) Resigned under fire sexual relationship with a male staffmember.


Lewis Libby(R)-Assistant to the Vice President, 5 count indictment, perjury, false statements.

Karl Rove(R)-Assistant to the President, currently under investigation.

Larry Franklin(R)-DOD employee, pleaded guilty in espionage case.

Leandro Aragoncillo-46, was a U.S. Marine most recently assigned to the staff of Vice President Dick Cheney, arrested for spying in the Whitehouse.

Kenneth Tomlinson(R)-Former Head of CPB, under investigation.

Armstrong Williams(R)-Investigation revealed that payments to him for propaganda efforts were illegal.


New Hampshire-4 Republican operatives arrested for election 2002 phone jamming scandal. # have pleaded guilty, one is due for trial soon.


Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Don Sherwood had a visit from the Washington police after a 29-year old woman who was not the 64-year old congressman's wife called 911 and complained that Sherwood had choked her. Sherwood said he had merely been giving the woman a back rub. He is one of those holier-than-thou family values conservatives.


Senate President Ben Stevens (R-AK)
Probed for accepting consulting fees from oil services firm Veco. Subject to a recall petition. Son of US Senate Pro Tem President Ted Stevens.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA)
Ethics probe for accepting salary from two men’s fitness magazines while governor, possible kickback from American Media publisher to Schwarzenegger charity and silence money to a woman who had an extramarital affair with Schwarzenegger. This probe may go criminal.

Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA)
Probed for bribery regarding financial ties with and favors for defense firm MZM. Pleaded guilty to tax evasion, conspiracy, Nov. 28, 2005.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)
Tied to Abramoff scandal on loan papers. Recipient of contributions from Abramoff.

Gov. John Rowland (R-CT)
Convicted, imprisoned 2004 for accepting free renovations to his vacation cottage as well as charter flights and vacations from a state contractor, and defrauding the Internal Revenue Service by not paying taxes on the free services.

Attorney General Jane Brady (R-DE)
Accused of helping MBNA Bank of Wilmington skirt campaign finance laws.

Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL)
Probed for campaign donations from MZM, Inc. in relation to Duke Cunningham probe. Currently a US Senate candidate.

Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL)
Recipient of contributions from Abramoff. Probed for corporate ties to Yang Enterprises, involved in over billing state of Florida. Feeney was Jeb Bush’s 1994 running mate for Lt. Gov.

Ralph Reed, candidate for Lt. Gov. (R-GA)
Probed for involvement in Abramoff, Kidan, DeLay Indian casino money laundering.

Gov. Felix Camacho (R-Guam)
Probed for ties to Abramoff and demoting Acting US Attorney for Guam Frederick Black.

New Hawaii PAC and House GOP PAC (R-HI)
Campaign violations filed against a number of GOP candidates for the state legislature and US House for skirting spending limits.

Dalton Tanonaka, former Lt. gubernatorial and congressional candidate (R-HI)
Under FEC investigation for disguising and failing to report campaign loans. Also investigated for possible illegal foreign funding from Hong Kong and Japan.

State Rep. and House Minority Leader Galen Fox (R-HI)
Convicted on federal charges of fondling a woman on a Honolulu to Los Angeles commercial flight.

Rep. Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House (R-IL)
Probed for accepting money from Turkey.

Rep. Jerry Weller (R-IL)
Recipient of contributions from Abramoff. (Weller is also married to the daughter of Guatemalan dictator and mass murderer [300,0000 Guatemalans] Efrain Rios Montt.)

Bob Kjellander, Republican National Treasurer (R-IL)
Under Federal probe for steering investment contracts to Illinois Teachers Retirement Fund.

State Rep. Lee Daniels (Elmhurst), Former House Leader (R-IL)
Under Federal investigation for misuse of state employees for political activity and state contract kickbacks.

Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN)
Under investigation for soliciting campaign donations in return for INDOT (Indiana Dept. of Transportation) contracts.

Thomas Sharp, INDOT Commissioner (R-IN)
Under investigation for soliciting campaign donations in return for INDOT (Indiana Dept. of Transportation) contracts.

Jim Kittle, GOP state chairman (R-IN)
Under investigation for soliciting campaign donations in return for INDOT (Indiana Dept. of Transportation) contracts.

Rep. Chris Chocola (R-IN)
Received DeLay ARMPAC money. FEC investigating.

Adam Taff, 2004 congressional candidate, KS-3 (R-KS)
Indicted for campaign violations and wire fraud.

Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R-KY)
Criminal probe in a state employees’ merit system scandal. Received contributions from DeLay’s ARMPAC, linked to Abramoff.

Dan Druen, Transportation Commissioner (R-KY)
Merit system scandal, witness tampering. Indicted.

Bob Wilson, Deputy Personnel Secretary (R-KY)
Merit system scandal. Indicted

Darrell Brock, Chairman of Kentucky GOP (R-KY)
Merit system scandal. Indicted.

Basil Turbyfill, Personnel Adviser to KY Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R-KY)
Merit system scandal. Indicted.

Bill Nighbert, Transportation Secretary (R-KY)
Merit system scandal. Indicted.

Dick Murgatroyd, Deputy Chief of Staff to KY Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R-KY)
Merit system scandal. Indicted.

Jim Adams, Deputy Transportation Secretary (R-KY)
Merit system scandal. Indicted.

Cory Meadows, Executive Director, Transportation Dept. (R-KY)
Merit system scandal. Indicted.

Lloyd Cress, Environmental Protection Commissioner (R-KY)
Probed in merit system scandal.

Dave Disponett (R-KY)
Indicted for violation of Kentucky civil service law.

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA)
Linked to Abramoff in a case involving a Louisiana Indian tribe.

Joseph Steffen, aide to Gov. Bob Ehrlich (R-MD)

Resigned for starting a rumor campaign against Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley.

Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs - controlled by Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA)
Under ethics cloud for awarding a $10,000 contract to conservative Boston Herald columnist to write columns supportive of Romney’s policies.

Lawrence Novak, Vice Chair, state GOP (R-MA)
Arrested by FBI for drug money laundering.

Mike Cox, Attorney General (R-MI)
Failed to pursue felony pollution charges against Graceland Fruit after a major Department of Environmental Quality investigation.

Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI)
Investigated by House Erthics Committee for accepting campaign contributions in return for her yes vote on the 2004 Medicare bill.

Rep. Roy Blunt, House Majority Leader (R-MO)
Investigated for trading illegal PAC money with DeLay through Blunt's Rely on Your Beliefs Fund. Received Indian casino money from tribes represented by Abramoff.

Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT)
Probed for links to Abramoff.

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE)
Received tainted money from DeLay. Refused to return it.

Rep. Jon Porter (R-NV)
Received $25,000 from DeLay's ARMPAC.

Sen. John Sununu (R-NH)
Probed for receipt of money from DeLay tainted PAC.

Rep. Jeb Bradley (R-NH)
Probed for receipt of money from DeLay tainted PAC.

Gene Chandler, State House Speaker (R-NH)
Campaign contributions violations.

James Tobin, Northeast political director National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee (R-NH)
Indicted, conspiracy, GOTV phone line jamming, Sununu 2002 campaign.

Chuck McGee, former Exec. Dir. New Hampshire Republican Party (R-NH)
Pleaded guilty, conspiracy, GOTV phone line jamming, Sununu 2002 campaign.

Allen Raymond, GOP Marketplace President (R-NH)
Pleaded guilty, conspiracy, GOTV phone line jamming, Sununu 2002 campaign.

Tom Wilson, GOP State Chairman (R-NJ)
Probed for his firm receiving $2.7 million from the Burlington County Bridge Commission.

Jeanine Pirro, Westchester County District Attorney and US Senate candidate (R-NY)
Probed for campaign donations from mobsters. Her husband served a year in prison for tax evasion.

Gov. Froilan Tenorio (R-Northern Marianas Islands)
Grand Jury probe, ties to Abramoff.

Rep. Charles Taylor (R-NC)
Probed for ownership of shady Russian bank whose other major investor is a former KGB general. Recipient of contributions from Abramoff.

Hayes Martin, Treasurer of Charles Taylor's congressional campaign (R-NC)
Indicted, fraud and money laundering.

Gov. Bob Taft (R-OH)
Misuse of state funds/ethics violations. Convicted, four first degree misdemeanors, pleaded no contest (admission of guilt). $4000 fine and public apology.Two Federal Grand Juries, one state Grand Jury still investigating Taft.

Thomas Noe, Bush-Cheney 04 campaign chair, NW Ohio; Turnpike Commissioner; University Regent (R-OH)
Misuse of state funds for rare coin fund. Indicted by Federal grand jury, arrested in Florida.

Bernadette Noe, Thomas Noe’s wife, Chairman of Lucas County GOP; Chairman of Lucas Co. Board of Elections (R-OH)
Misuse of state funds.

Brian Hicks, Chief of Staff to Gov. Bob Taft, member Ohio University Board of Trustees (R-OH)
Convicted for an ethics violation dealing with his stay at Tom Noe's home in Florida.

Cherie Carroll, Chief of Staff Executive Secretary to Gov. Bob Taft (R-OH)
Convicted for accepting the payment of meals at "fine dining establishments" valued at over $500 from Tom Noe while he was doing business with Ohio.

Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH)
Being probed for involvement with Abramoff, Kidan, and DeLay, Indian casino money laundering. Recipient of contributions from Abramoff and Kidan. Indictment may be imminent.

Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH)
Probe of financial ties to Games, Inc., and proposal to put Ohio State Lottery on the Internet. Received contributions from DeLay’s ARMPAC, linked to Abramoff.

Douglas Moormann, Gov. Taft's Executive Assistant for Business and Industry (R-OH)
Under criminal investigation for accepting loan from Noe.

State Rep. Dan Doyle (R-OR)
Convicted for misuse of campaign funds.

Rep. Don Sherwood (R-PA)
Investigated by DC police for assaulting and choking a 29-year old Maryland woman. Sherwood, who is married and campaigned for office on "family values", also has been sued by the woman, who claims he attacked and choked her in their “love nest.” Sherwood defended himself by stating that he wasn't trying to choke her - he was just trying to give her a “back rub”.

Mike Battles, House candidate in 2002 (R-RI)
Firm, Custer Battles, disbarred from Iraq contracts following allegations of overcharging and money laundering.

Vincent Cianci, Mayor of Providence (R-RI)
Convicted in 2002 and sentenced to 5 years in prison for conspiracy related to Federal charges of racketeering, extortion, witness tampering, and mail fraud. Also resigned from office in 1984 after being convicted of assaulting a man with a lit cigarette, an ashtray and a fireplace log.

Rep. Bill Janklow (R-SD)
Convicted of second degree manslaughter and imprisoned for running a stop sign at a rural intersection near Trent, SD and hitting motorcyclist Randolph E. Scott, killing him. Recipient of contributions from Abramoff.

Sen. Bill Frist, Senate Majority Leader (R-TN)
Under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for insider trading on his Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) stock

Rep. Tom DeLay, House Majority Leader (R-TX)
Probed for campaign finance fraud, ties to Abramoff/Kidan, Saipan sweat shops. Grand Jury, Travis County prosecutor, and House Ethics Committee probing DeLay. Indicted by Travis County District Attorney for 1 count of criminal conspiracy and 2 counts of money laundering. Arrested and booked at Harris County jail October 20, 2005. Recipient of contributions from Abramoff.

Jim Ellis, Director Americans for a Republican Majority (ARMPAC) PAC (R-TX)
Tied to DeLay and Abramoff, indicted.

John Colyandro, Texans for a Republican Majority (TRMPAC), DeLay associate (R-TX)

Warren RoBold, Lobbyist and DeLay associate (R-TX)

State House Speaker Tom Craddick (R-TX)
Probed for campaign violations involving TRMPAC and DeLay.

State Rep. Todd Baxter (R-TX)
Investigated for receiving ARMPAC and TRMPAC money from Republican National Committee. To resign from office.

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX)
Recipient of $10,000 from ARMPAC in 2003. Arrested for DWI in South Dakota.

Spokane Mayor Jim West (R-WA)
Under Federal and state investigation for abusing his office to obtain sexual favors and soliciting sex over the Internet from underage males.


Jack Abramoff, GOP lobbyist Adam Kidan, DC Dial-a-Mattress franchise in DC and Abramoff associate
Indicted for wire fraud, conspiracy Indicted, wire fraud, conspiracy.

Michael Scanlon, former chief of staff to Tom DeLay
Being probed for involvement in Indian casino scandal with Abramoff, Kidan, and DeLay. Indicted Nov. 18, 2005 for conspiracy to defraud Indian tribes. Pleaded guilty Nov. 21.

Steve Rosen, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)
Indicted for criminal conspiracy involving classified national security information.

Keith Weismann, AIPAC
Indicted for criminal conspiracy involving classified national security information.

Larry Franklin, Colonel, USAF Reserves, Dept. of Defense
Indicted for criminal conspiracy involving classified national security information.


Sotosoroto said...

Have any Democrats been accused/indicted of crimes or misconduct?

Manhattan Transfer said...

Why is McGreevey on this list? He's a democrat.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

There are one or two Democrats and dozens upon dozens of Republicans. Those are the facts.

Anonymous said...

add to the governor's list Ernie Felcher (Republican) Kentucky. indicted only recently for hiring allll of his buddies and his buddies buddies and all of their buddies.

before any of his buddies were indicted he issued a blanket pardon for them all--dang forgot to issue one for himself tho.

some of his remaining buddies have suggested that a sitting governor cannot be indicted for any crime--this might be a good time for him to bump off a few people.

Anonymous said...

Great list. Hope you don't mind if I copy a few of these for my page. I'm trying to make a comprehensive list of all government officials convicted or accused of crimes.

But it's a daunting task - there are so many.

Anonymous said...

This is a great list. Why don't you update it?