14 November 2005

Your Hub Mention.

The Denver Post has a new feature called "Your Hub" which provides neighborhood newspaper style coverage in both internet based and hard copy versions. The goal appears to be to compete on one hand with local periodicals like the Washington Park Profile and various small suburban papers, and on the other to compete with blogs in providing citizen journalism. (The Rocky Mountain News is also part of the venture although it has been less aggresive in displaying it on its website).

Will it work? I don't know. Schumpeter's reminder that capitalism is a process of creative destruction that rarely has the same people running a legacy technology and the technology that replaces it. And, Your Hub is going to have quite a challenge meeting the quality standards of the main paper. But, Wash Park Prophet is the featured blog in the Denver part of Your Hub this week, and I encourage you to check out this new part of the Post.

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