22 November 2005

Who Says The Catholic Church is Pro-Life?

When a Catholic school in New York State fires an unmarried woman who got pregnant and decided not to have an abortion, it encourages abortion. Actions speak louder than words. Abortion should be safe, legal and rare. This means we should encourage contraception and provide pregnant women and women with children with the support necessary to prevent economic pressure from forcing their hand. This school failed on that point.


Anonymous said...

This is an unfair comment on what has happened. The Catholic Church is Pro-Life and will continue to be Pro-Life. What transpired between this woman and the school is something different.

If you were to take a job at any company in the USA and their employee handbook said that you had to abide by their code of ethics (which say include things like not verbally abusing a coworker or customer) and you violate this rule, they have every right to terminate your employment.

This is exactly what happened to this woman. The fact that she decided to keep the child is a wonderful thing, but the fact of the matter is that she violated her contract.

If this were any other company and she had violated their rules of conduct, this wouldn't have even made the news. So let's be fair and tell what's really going on here.

Anonymous said...

The point wasn't that they fired her, Anon. It was the fact that they encouraged her to get an abortion. You totally missed the point, and went after the fact that they fired her.