25 November 2005

Roast Coffee House

West Washington Park has another new coffee house! Hurray! Here's what I posted in a comment over at Mile High Buzz:

Roast Coffee House, at 712 1/2 S. Pearl, is one of the narrowest and newest coffee houses on the Denver scene. There was a coffee house at this location across from Lincoln Elementary in West Washington Park for a while, but it closed and was vacant until a week ago.

The new proprietor, a fellow who was a New York photographer for seven years, now does photography in Denver and plans to exhibit his works from the walls of the shop which a tall man could span his arms across.

The croissants on sale were good (although eating a warm one while driving if you have clean pants on is not recommended), and his motto is that everything must be "Bonafide". Parents from the local elementary school and local business owners are currently the main customers.

In the spring and summer, a private patio in rear will be opened to customers, adding another twist to an already unique space.

The competition for the West Wash Park coffee dollar is fierce. For now, we will hope that most of them continue to stay in business (which should pick up once the Northbound exits from I-25 open up and commuters return to the neighborhood).

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