12 November 2005

Guess Who Shills For General Steel.

Colorado's Republican Attorney General in the process of procesucting fraud charges against steel building company General Steel. A Jefferson County judge fined the company's executives $200,000 for the involvement in a fraudulent scheme and has ordered restitution. The attorney general's office believes that the company has cheated around seven thousand customers (a third of their total number of customers) out of $52 million of deposits on buildings that were never delivered. Sales people were directly to lie to customers to get sales, and then add on charges were fradulently added to orders. Despite a court order "to revamp its sales practices and adhere to a strict ethics policy", the company appears to be engaging in sending out fraudulent "blast faxes" designed to trick customers into voluntarily waiving their rights under the court order, despite the judge speifically telling them not to do so. Company spokespersons deny that the company was really that bad, but this contradicts the finding of the judge at the trial which found that the company was engaged in fraudulent practices. It is a bit late to say that you didn't do it once you have been found guilty of civil fraud.

So, who has been the face of General Steel's marketing campaigns: "radio commentators Paul Harvey and Rush Limbaugh." Why am I not surprised?


Anonymous said...

All true, but, if I recall correctly from back when I was a regular listener of Air America, General Steel advertised pretty heavily there too.

Anonymous said...

I'm another victim. Promised with lies and added charges. Then snow load is wrong and they want more money JUST to review the job. What do I do? reconstructionwayne@comcast.net