25 January 2006

Alito Nomination Nose Count

Fifty-one Republicans and one Democrat Ben Nelson of Nebraska support Alito. . . . Four Republicans, 23 Democrats and independent Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont were still publicly undecided Wednesday or refused to say how they would vote on Alito's nomination.

For the math challenged, that means 20 Democratic Senators have said that they will vote against Alito.

From here.

At this point, any stance other than "I will filibuster Alito", is an assent to his confirmation. Republicans need to secure support from eight of the twenty-eight Senators who have not announced their positions to prevent that from being possible. I don't think that this will happen. Democrats can stop Alito, a nomination that they overwhelmingly oppose, if they have the political will to do so. It is unclear if they actually do. We will have a much better idea a week from now.


Dex said...

i personally have been feeling very nostalgic for the america of WWI, when men were men and women were women and children were children and they all worked 75 hours a week and no irish or dogs or blind ppl were allowed.

viva la alito!

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Both Ways Salazar, damn him, has announced that he won't filibuster. This makes it much harder to defeat Alito.

I am feeling very sold out by the Senator whose election I actively supported for coin and time in 2004. I don't think that it will happen again.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Mary Landrieu is also weak kneed on a filibuster.