26 January 2006

My E-Mail to Ken Salazar

Your unwillingness to support a filibuster of the nomination of Judge Alito to the United States Supreme Court was the last straw.

While I have supported you in the past in your runs for attorney general and then for U.S. Senate, with my time, my money and my enthusiastic endorsement of you, I cannot do so again, and will urge other Democrats I know to do likewise. It was a mistake to vote for you in the primary in 2004. I regret my vote for you then. If recall votes were possible for U.S. Senators in Colorado, I would start circulating the Petition tomorrow.

You have betrayed your political base on an issue that Democrats, including you, have campaigned on for years, the conservative takeover of the U.S. Supreme Court. You know that Alito is an appalling choice for reasons that you yourself have outlined, and will symbolically vote against him. But, when push comes to shove, even once you already knew that there were 51 votes in favor of Alito from Republicans, you refused to go to the mat on the issue and take the only step which Democrats could possibly have used to defeat the lifetime appointment.

This is not some minor point that Democrats should ignore and go onto other business for. This is the single most important decision that the Senate will make, probably in the entire session. What a disappointing political figure you have turned out to be.

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Dex said...

wait - what? so he's just going to vote against him? what's the point, then?