30 January 2006

The Missing Children of DPS

An opinion piece in the Rocky has some good ideas, but the most critical fact it highlights is this one:

Somewhere between 12,000 and 18,000 school- age kids in Denver attend non-DPS schools.

A cornerstone of any plan to restore the Denver Public Schools to fiscal and academic health has to be to win back the trust of the parents who are willing to incur great sacrifices now to send their children elsewhere. Driving kids to a neighboring district or paying private school tuition is a heavy burden for parents. The fact that parents vote with their feet against the district, despite these burdens, is the most powerful proof that DPS needs to change if it is going to thrive.


Anonymous said...

That is an unpleasant surprise. I honestly didn't know you could send your child to school out-of-district.

Our school has a neighborhood-only policy, but that's because the building itself is really, really tiny.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

In Colorado you can send your child to any school in any district on a space available basis.

This is especially commmon near district boundaries (e.g. near Wheat Ridge).