30 January 2006

Which Class of Motor Vehicle Is Safest?

Total Occupant Fatalities Per 100,000 Miles (2004):

Compact Cars 17.76
Compact Pickups 16.87
Subcompact Cars 16.85
Midsized SUVs 16.16
Standard Pickups 13.87
Fullsize SUVs 12.34
Fullsize Cars 12.16
Midsize Cars 11.49
Minvans 11.05
Large Vans 9.34

High fatality rates for SUVs and Pickups are driven by rollover accidents. For the record, I drive a midsize car.

1 comment:

Kyle said...

Now that's a great fact to have on hand. I suppose all those parents who put their children in SUV's to keep them safe didn't research the issue enough.