26 January 2006

Hamas Wins Votes In Palestine

An exit poll by Bir Zeit University in Ramallah showed Fatah winning 63 seats in the 132-member parliament with 46.4 percent of the vote, and Hamas taking 58 seats with 39.5 percent. Smaller parties received 11 seats, according to the poll of 8,000 voters in 232 polling stations. The poll had a one-seat margin of error.

A second survey showed Fatah beating Hamas 42 percent to 35 percent.

Either way, the group known for both its terrorism efforts and its grass roots charity efforts, will be the number two party in the Palestinian legislature, and neither party will have a majority, requiring them to turn to independents or each other to stay in power. One would think that this would suggest a move towards Palestinian militancy at an institutional level.

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