10 June 2009

Beware Burger King

At lunch today, I went to the Burger King restaurant at 6th and Broadway in Denver, Colorado. An irate customer, receipt to prove her patronage in hand, was complaining about the fact that her car had been towed. The on site manager claimed total ignorance and non-involvement regarding parking lot towing. The number the customer was given for an off site manager wasn't picking up. The on site manager mentioned the name of the towing company, but not the number, for the towing company.

Before I had picked up my order, the color had drained from the face of another customer who had been sitting in the restaurant as she saw that her car was no longer in the parking lot and moved to talk to the on site manager.

I've seen similar incidents, previously with only one car, on two prior visits to Burger King at this location over the past year or so, out of perhaps four or five visits total.

The Burger King in Cherry Creek, in Denver, is also notorious for its vigorous self-help parking actions.

I'm in no position to say who is in the wrong in these incidents, but it certainly is worth noting if you are considering parking in a Burger King parking lot in Denver.

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