17 June 2009

Detroit Least Healthy Big City In Nation

A new ranking of the economic health of the nation's hundred largest cities puts Denver (39) and Colorado Springs (41) in the middle, and Detroit at the very bottom in spot 100. "The study, out today, looks at changes in employment growth, the unemployment rate, gross metropolitan product and housing prices through the first quarter of 2009."

Also near the bottom are Cape Coral, Florida (99); Stockton, California (98); and Tampa, Florida (97). At the top are San Antonia, Texas (1); Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (2); Houston, Texas (3); and Austin, Texas (4).

After Detroit, "Of the next nine hardest-hit areas, six were in Florida, two in California and one in Ohio. Of the top 10-performing metro economies, five were in Texas, led by No. 1 San Antonio; two were in Oklahoma." California, Florida, Las Vegas and rust belt cities make up all but one of the bottom twenty cities in economic health.

The oil and gas industry appears to be driving many of the winners; manufacturing and the housing bust distinguish many of the losers.

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