10 June 2009

Tree Haters

Republican Sens. Dave Schultheis and Bill Cadman [of Colorado Springs], along with Sen. Scott Renfroe, R-Greeley, voted against Colorado Conservation Voters' positions on all 13 of the bills sampled by the conservation group, which scored votes on a variety of issues: alternative-energy development, mass transit, energy efficiency and environmental protection. . . . the ones who fell the furthest from last year's CCV score, were Senators Josh Penry and Scott Renfroe.

From here.

Renfroe is also outspoken in his anti-gay hate. Josh Penry is an unannounced candidate for the GOP gubernatorial nomination.

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Dave Barnes said...


The GOP prospective candidates for Governor are:
Scott McPenis
Josh Penis


P.S. All candidates need good, sound-bite nicknames.