26 June 2009

June Wet In Colorado

Denver, Colorado entered June a little below the average for annual rainfall to date. We are now already more than two inches ahead of the year to date average (about a third more than normal) and are far above average for June. It is raining again today, so the last few days of June promise to provide even more moisture. If I recall correctly, snow packs also got to slightly more than their annual averages before the season was out in the South Platte River Valley, and close in most other river basins in the state.

It is peak rose season now, with rose bushes in full bloom all over the city. I'm envious has I have made several sincere attempts to make roses grow at my house, always to abject failure despite soil amendments, rose food, diligent watering and everything else I could think of to do. Thankfully, my many Wash Park neighbors are better gardeners than I am.

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