04 June 2009

How Many People In Colorado Use Drugs?

The leading source of data on alcohol, tobacco and drug use, and mental health problems has its 2007 data for Colorado available today. In the past month, the perecentage of people aged 12 or older who have done the following (to the nearest percentage point) is:

Used Any Illegal Drug 11%
Used Marijuana 8%
Used A Non-Marijuana Illegal Drug 5%
Used Alcohol 60%
Had Five Or More Alcoholic Drinks At The Same Occasion 26%
Used Tobacco 30%

Among Those Age 18+ in Colorado the percentage to the nearest percentage point who have experienced the following is:
Experienced Significant Psychological Distress (per a clinical scale) 11%
Had A Major Depressive Episode In The Past Year 7%

Substance abuse and mental health issues are intimately tied to criminal justice involvement.

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