07 January 2006

3 Kings Tavern Opens Today

SoBo's bar scene's latest addition, the Three Kings Tavern (formerly the site of "The Cherry Pit") at 60 S. Broadway in Denver, opens its doors at 5 p.m. today. A grand opening is planned later this month (later than originally planned, due to delays in the city permit process, but poetically, close to the day we celebrate the life of another King, Martin Luther King, Jr.).

The bar offers free parking nearby and plans to have a variety of live music performances (the owners met as concert promoters with Nobody In Particular Presents). The decor is sharp, but doesn't take itself too seriously (for example, a three of kings playing card icon, three Elvis portraits, and a wall of comic book covers), rather than the pretentious efforts at high art which seem to be so common these days in LoDo, for example. Food offerings are very limited, although it has classic video games and billards, as well as a nice dance floor. So, go to nearby Famous Pizza (at 98 S. Broadway), have your food, and then head down the block for a cold one at the Three Kings Tavern (whose name presumably derives from the fact that the bar has three co-owners).

I checked it out this evening.

Full disclosure: My paralegal is engaged to marry one of the principals.


Anonymous said...

It's a fine line between full disclosure and TMI! :)

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Too Much Information indeed. Yes, the lines are fine, but blogger ethics being what they are, of course, I would air on the side of transparency. (Pun noticed, but not intended).